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Supervision Policy

Section 1.0
In relation to duty of care, Circular 29/03 states: Rules 121(4) and 124(1) of the Rules for National Schools and Section 23(2) of the Education Act 1998 oblige teachers to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of pupils and to participate in supervising pupils when the pupils are on school premises, during school time and/or on school activities. Accordingly, the responsibility of all teachers individually and collectively to provide a duty of care at all times towards the children in the school in which they teach, including periods of supervision, is not changed.
The overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of school supervision will continue to rest with the Principal teacher. The terms of Circular 16/73 will continue to apply i.e. "the Principal teacher should organise supervision for the order and general behaviour of the pupils during school hours. In particular, s/he should organise and participate in the effective supervision of the pupils during breaks, lunch-breaks, assembly and dismissal".
Section 1.1
Relationship to the Characteristic Ethos of the School
This policy is in keeping with the school ethos of providing a safe and secure environment for learning for all pupils and the wider school community.

Section 2.0
Aims and Objectives
"   To develop a framework that effectively ensures, as far as is practicable, the safety of children while at play on the yard or while engaged in school related activities
"   To observe and monitor behavioural patterns outside the confines of the classroom
"   To contribute to effective school management and comply with relevant legislation.

Section 3.0
Supervision Requirements:
"   Morning: 8.40 - 8.50 - voluntary yard supervision provided by teachers
"   Lunch: 10.45 - 11.05 - classroom based supervision
"   Yard: 12.10 - 12320 - yard supervision (class based on wet days)
In the event that a child is not collected on time after school it is the responsibility of her class teacher to make contact with the parent and supervise the child until she is collected. If the class teacher has a prior appointment or the parent indicates that there will be a lengthy delay in collection due to unforeseen circumstances then the principal will assume supervision of the child. If the principal is absent this duty will fall to the deputy principal.

Meetings with parents during class time are discouraged. Parents are encouraged to make appointments with class teachers outside of lesson time in order to allow the class teacher to adequately supervise his/her class. In exceptional circumstances brief exchanges between parents and class teachers may take place at the classroom door, where the class teacher can still monitor his/her pupils.
Additional supervision of pupils will be required for school tours. On these occasions parents and/or ancillary staff may be asked to assist in supervision. In all circumstances however the duty of care rests with the class teacher.

Section 3.1
Encouraging Good Behaviour in Yard / Playground:
The school's code of behaviour and anti-bullying policy cover incidents that take place in the yard / playground. Repeated misbehaviour on yard may lead to a child being asked to sit on the yard bench for a defined amount of time, 3 minutes, 5 minutes etc.
Incidents / injuries that occur on yard will be recorded by one of the teachers on yard duty. A clipboard with incident sheets will be taken to yard by the teacher. These reports will be monitored and filed daily by the principal. If first aid is required one yard supervisor will escort the injured child plus one friend to the first aid station located in the main school building. After the child has been attended to she may return to yard / playground to continue with play or sit on the bench if she needs a few minutes rest. A brief outline of the incident will be written on a record sheet.

Section 3.2
Each class teacher is responsible for bringing his/her class to their designated lunch room or yard. On wet days yard time will be spent in the pupils' lunch room. Here they will be supervised by the teacher assigned to yard duty for that day. On these days a DVD will be shown in the IWB for the classes to watch. Pupils from rooms 4, 5 and 6 will use room 4 as their lunch room. Pupils from rooms 1 and 3 will use room 1 as their lunch room. The decision of whether to go to yard or stay indoors is dependent on the weather and will be taken by the principal or in her absence, the deputy principal.

Section 3.3
Supervision Away From School Premises:
Additional supervision will be required for school trips. The numbers required will be dependent on the venue and its requirements also. Parents may be asked to volunteer for these trips. This is in keeping with our DEIS plan targets for increased parental involvement. Parents will be assigned to class groups and class teachers will organise the groups they will supervise for the day. Voluntary supervisors will be briefed by the class teachers on the structure of the day and on expectations with regard to pupil behaviour. Should a hospital visit be required by a child during a trip the child will be accompanied by her class teacher and one other adult. In the event that an ambulance is unnecessary the group will travel to the hospital by taxi. Parents will immediately be contacted. On enrolling a child in the school parents are required to sign a consent form allowing for medical intervention in case of emergency. Phone numbers for parents will be brought on all school trips. This is the responsibility of individual class teachers.

Section 3.4
Rota and arrangements for the provision of supervision
"   Morning: 8.40 - 8.50 - one teacher on yard
"   Lunch: 10.45 - 11.05 - one teacher & one ancillary staff member in room 4 supervising pupils from the main building and one teacher and one ancillary staff member supervising pupils from the annex in room 1.
"   Yard: 12.10 - 12.30 - one / two teachers, ancillary staff and all SNAs
The supervision rota is drafted by the principal and a copy is given to each teacher as well as being displayed on the staffroom notice-board. If a teacher plans to take and EPV day on a day he/she is due to supervise then he/she must arrange a swap with another teacher. If a teacher is sick on a supervision day then another teacher will undertake his/her duty and that day will be "paid back" on the teacher's return. In accordance with Circular 18/03 letters of contract are completed by all teachers wishing to undertake supervision duty. A record of these is held in the school for 6 years.

Section 4.0
Success Criteria and Review
"   Ensuring a safe child-friendly school yard
"   Providing well organised and safe out of school activities
"   Re-enforcing school rules termly
"   Reviewing supervision duties yearly
"   Altering or adjusting procedures deemed to be inoperable

Section 4.1
Ratification & Implementation:
This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on 13/04/2011. The policy will be implemented on May 2nd 2011.

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